Welcome to our store!

Welcome to the official ANZAC Alliance merchandise store. We're extremely proud of the products that we have available to all our members and community here on this store and we can't wait for you to get your hands on it. All products sold on this store are entirely non for profit, the prices are what they cost us to make.

About our store

We put this store together because a bunch of neckbeards kept asking for merchandise and we had no real way of getting it to them. That and our graphics designer Verbz had a ridiculous amount of free time on his hands apparently and decided this would be a good idea... o7

Featured Products


As we're still building our stock list of all available to the public products this section is yet to be filled, but you should expect to see products appear here in the near future.

We areANZA!

As gamers we all share a common interest, playing video games is always better when you play with friends and as any gamer will tell you being part of a community goes way beyond just playing games together, we wear our ANZA logos with pride and encourage others to do the same!
So put that ANZA logo on your chest and wear it proud, it represents far more than a game we all play together, it represents a community of incredible people all enjoying spending time together!

News and updates


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commitment to quality

You know we tried the "cheap" options in the past, and we tried making it work with what we had and so on, but it never does.
Eventually we had to accept that if you want some damn good quality gear you gotta pay for it.

This obviously brought Verbz to the brink of a complete mental breakdown but the decesion had to be made.
So whilst the merch might be a bit pricey know that it is super high quality and will last a very long time!